JunglePass allows users to easily, smoothly and securely pre-book, find, enter, pay and exit a designated parking facility by simply using a smartphone.


Available for Android and iOS, JunglePass allows to pre-book, find, enter, pay and exit a designated parking facility via your smartphone!


Forget about paper tickets. Thanks to JunglePass and the beacon technology, customers can now enter, pay and exit a parking lot using their smartphones. The digital tickets will be stored in the app and can be later reviewed.


JunglePass allows you to quickly and securely pay for your parking through your smartphone via PCI secured transactions.


The geo location features embedded in JunglePass allow you to find a parking lot, get driving directions to it and also discover what’s nearby thanks to the beacon technology.

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JunglePass gives you complete directions from your location to the car park. Finding parking has never been so easy.


For more peace of mind and enhanced convenience, pre-book your parking in advance via the app-embedded map: look up for available parking facilities, see rates, pre-pay and secure your parking space before starting your trip.


JunglePass is easy to use and it allows you to enter a car park in a few seconds, with a simple tap on your phone. JunglePass stores all of your e-tickets and bookings, so that you can access and view them anytime and anywhere.


You can easily and securely pay either at the pay station using JunglePass (the amount will be displayed on your phone as you approach the pay station and you will simply have to confirm it) or you can pay directly using the in-app payment function.


Operators Benefits

Create more Value

Gain valuable insights about your customers: find out more about your transient customers, track your client's behavior and plan long-term business strategies to maximize potential profit from every ticket. Easily manage pricing, offers, capacities and subscriptions. Marketing and financial reports will help you make informed business decisions.



JunglePass is fully integrated with Janus Management System, allowing you to have total control and visibility, not only when the customer uses paper tickets, but also when he uses his mobile phone to enter your parking facilities. JunglePass virtually eliminates the need to interface with other outside applications.


Optimize Revenue

Reach your clients through mobile technology that is synched with personalization opportunities. Send discounts, offers or relevant information to your customers. JunglePass is the best way to implement new possibilities of interaction with your clients at a low cost. The end user can be reached via real-time notifications and messages functional to geolocation.


Guide customers to you

JunglePass guides your customers right to your premises for an enhanced user experience. In addition, social media integration will facilitate the spread of your services. JunglePass is available also in a white label version and can be branded according to your corporate image.